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Statement on Alderman Ed Burke

Press Release
Jan 6 2019

I am appalled by Alderman Ed Burke’s apparent abuse of his position for personal gain. That’s why, before Alderman Burke was even indicted, I called for him to be removed from his Chairmanship in city council.

  1. I have removed him as Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party Judicial Slating Committee, a post he held for decades.
  2. I am returning all the money that was raised at the fundraiser hosted by Ed Burke. In conjunction with that event an individual attempted to make a contribution through my website, it was rejected in full at the time.
  3. I demand Ed Burke resign as Democratic committeeman of the 14th Ward.
  4. I am calling on him to resign from the City Council immediately.
  5. I also call for an end to outside employment by city elected officials. Aldermen should serve the voters, not clients.

I won’t have my name dragged through the mud over the alleged criminal conduct of Susana Mendoza’s mentor, Gery Chico’s best friend and Bill Daley’s long time political ally.

Cynics say that corruption and Chicago politics go together. I have never accepted that. I have spent my career taking on the good old boys’ club, standing up to corrupt deals like the parking meters sale.

I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for change and will continue to fight for all Chicagoans.

Thank you,
Toni Preckwinkle